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The "Key to Astral Existence" is an entirely hand-sculpted, one-of-a-kind, magickal statement necklace created by artist Attila Borbás. No molds were used, this is an original artwork.

This wearable piece of art is a mesmerizing fusion of brassy and ethereal green hues, adorned with enchanting labradorite stones. This captivating piece of jewelry transcends the ordinary, beckoning you into the cosmic realms with its mystical symbols and color-shifting allure.

Wearing this necklace is like donning a key to the cosmos. The brass-green color-shifting canvas serves as a portal, and the labradorite stones act as anchors to the astral energies. As you wear "The Key to Astral Existence," let its shimmering beauty be a reminder that you hold the power to unlock the mysteries of the universe and transcend the boundaries of the earthly realm.

Labradorite is called the stone of magick, transformation and awakening. This gemstone represents the “temple of the stars”, and according to an Inuit legend, it fell from the frozen fire of the Aurora Borealis. This ethereal light was trapped within the stone, thus imbuing it with its mysterious, iridescent shimmer of light.

It is a very spiritual stone that also creates an aura of protection against negativity in the outer and inner world, while helping the body and the spirit to heal itself.

Note: In spite of its large size, this artwork is lightweight, so it is very comfortable to wear and it is also perfect to display on a wall (e.g. in an illuminated shadow box) as well.


  • PREMO polymer clay (an outstanding quality polymer clay that is very strong, durable and extremely lightweight)
  • Labradorite gemstones
  • European crystals
  • Color-shifting pigment
  • Antiqued brass chain
  • Love and Magick



- 100 mm wide, 140 mm tall (including the drop)


- total length: 22 inches (including the width of the pendant)


  • The brand of polymer clay used is very strong and durable: it is not fragile, like regular clay, but make sure you don't bend the piece forcefully 
  • Use a soft, damp cloth or a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean the textured surfaces. Polymer clay is waterproof and the clear coat we use is water-resistant
  • Keep it away from very high heat (it burns at 300 Fahrenheit)
  • Please note that polymer clay has a bit of flexibility to it (that is more prominent in hot weather) that is perfectly normal.

Wear "The Key to Astral Existence" with the intention to unlock the doorways of cosmic consciousness. Let the brass-green color-shifting canvas serve as a visual mantra, a reminder that you possess the key to traverse the ethereal realms. With each labradorite stone as your guide, embrace the mystical energies and invite the astral plane to reveal its secrets. This necklace is your talisman, grounding you in the earthly and elevating you to the celestial, as you manifest a connection to the infinite and explore the vast expanse of astral existence.