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WizArts (Melinda Puhó and Attila Borbás)

The founders of “wizArts” Melinda Puhó and Attila Borbás, are both European immigrants, now living in Los Angeles, California.

Melinda was born in the ancient land of Transylvania (Romania) in the Carpathian mountains. Since her childhood, she felt a deep, spiritual connection with the astonishing beauty of the natural world, that surrounded her. She started drawing from the moment she held a pencil in her hands and started playing the piano at the age of 5. She always felt much more mature than her age and her wish for artistic expression and for seeking the Truth was her companion even after her parents moved her to Hungary when she was 11, after the revolution that brought an end to the 42 years of communist rule in Romania. These early hardships helped her understood that her life and talents have a purpose, and her aim became to elevate the consciousness of the other souls who resonate with her art and her music. She believes that dreams shape our reality and Art is what elevates the consciousness into new, unknown dimensions. For her, Art is the most personal, most intimate form of self-expression that is the only way to touch the soul of the other person in a way that you cannot do otherwise in this material world.

Attila was born in Hungary. His interest in certain forms of fine arts and acting had already become apparent in his childhood (sculpting, wood carving, drawing, reciting and storytelling competitions). He found 3D shapes, various geometries, and the art of sculpting particularly intriguing. He has always had a special affection and communication with nature. The beauty of various manifestations of life, the relationship between living beings, which includes the whole of creation, fascinated him. The harmonious functioning of the universe, and the fact that everything happens for a reason in life, has always held importance for him. To honor the miracle of existence, Attila felt it was his calling to bring his insights and art into the world.

Melinda and Attila met in college, becoming creative partners, who share a very similar view of the world and a very close artistic mindset. They decided to immigrate to the US in 2010, to fulfill their childhood dreams of sharing with the world their unique creative vision.

After going through challenges and tough times in their new country, in the spring of 2016, Melinda and Attila started their company in Los Angeles, becoming “wizArts”, beginning the adventure of magick and art. Currently, they are selling their hand-sculpted, one-of-a-kind art jewelry and planning to expand their creative pursuit with other forms of art as well.

Since 2017 “wizArts” has been exhibiting at various juried art shows and festivals throughout California.

Melinda and Attila are entirely self-taught through experimentation and the development of their own, unique techniques, including clay appliqué, using their handmade glow-in-the-dark polymer clay.

The artist couple is inspired by the enormous and fascinating energy that forms and surrounds all creation. That is why reflecting the beauty, symbolism, sacred geometry and vibrations of nature, as well as manifesting the magick of the infinite realm of fantasy are so important in their works.

Melinda Puhó

"I am a musician and a self-taught artist. For me, Art is the highest form of self-expression. From the smallest creatures to the countless stars in the sky, from the sacred geometries to the endless varieties of colors and textures, I see astounding beauty, consciousness and love reflected through all of the Universe. With all of my creations, I want to share these with you, imbued with my own magick."

Attila Borbás

"True art is the common language that every individual understands through their own spiritual perception, without the need of any words, since all of us are connected to each other in this common existence."

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