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The Creations of Magick

wizArts (Melinda Puho and Attila Borbas)

We create magical and unique wearable art jewelry from polymer clay. All of our one-of-a-kind pieces are carefully sculpted, shaped and formed by hand, then cured in the oven to harden. 

We embellish our art with gemstones, Swarovski (mostly color-changing Aurora Borealis) crystals, metallic MICA powders and occasionally with Czech glass beads. In some pieces we use luminescent clay which makes the pieces glow in the dark, when charged with direct sunlight. 

In the  near future, we are planning to expand our art jewelry line with other works and forms of art (including music), so stay tuned! :-)

If you'd like to order a piece of wearable art created just for you, please feel free to get in touch with us on our CONTACT page, on ETSY, FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM. We gladly accept custom orders and will bring to life a unique creation that will resonate the idea that you have in your mind. Check out our reviews on our Etsy store on the link below:


You could also check out our EVENTS page, where we list our upcoming art shows where you can meet us in person! :-)



I am a musician, graphic designer and a self-taught artist. For me, Art is a higher form of self-expression. From the smallest creatures to the countless stars in the sky, from the sacred geometries to the endless varieties of colors and textures, I see astounding beauty, consciousness and love reflected through all of the Universe. With all of my creations, I want to share these with you, imbued with my own magick. :-)



'I have the desire to give people something beautiful that touches their most inner self. To show that the real value is not the empty form, no matter how beautiful it is from the outside, but the infinity, creativity, freedom and the love how it was created.'