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These star-shaped earrings, reminiscent of captured stardust, radiate a mesmerizing array of colors as it catches the light. The iridescence dances across the surface of the crystals, creating an ethereal glow that mirrors the mystical allure of a starlit sky. Each European crystal, meticulously cut and faceted, reflects and refracts light in a dazzling display of sparkle.

Wearing the "Stardust Reverie" earrings is akin to adorning oneself with celestial fragments. As they sway gently with every movement, these earrings become a luminous and glimmering testament to the beauty found in the convergence of craftsmanship and the cosmos.

- European crystals
- Sterling silver earwires


Crystal stars: 19 mm x 20 mm
Total height with earwire: 40 mm


- Do not drop the piece
- To slow the tarnishing of the sterling silver part, keep the earrings in airtight packages and store them in a cool, dry place
- Tarnish is easily removed by cleaning the sterling silver with a polishing cloth, a mild abrasive (baking soda works well) or an anti-tarnish solution

May the brilliance of these celestial crystals reflect the light within, illuminating your path with confidence and grace. As the stars adorn the night sky, may these earrings remind you of your own inner luminosity and the limitless possibilities that twinkle in the universe. With every glimmer, embrace the elegance of the stars and carry their cosmic energy into your day, shining brightly and authentically in all that you do.