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The "Gothic Angel" is an entirely hand-sculpted, one-of-a-kind, magickal statement necklace created by artist Melinda Puhó. No molds were used, this is an original artwork.

The "Gothic Angel" is a wearable artwork that beckons to both the witch and the vampire within. 

The mysterious black wings extend with a sinister grace, evoking memories of fallen angels who have embraced the allure of the night. Each feathered detail whispers tales of ethereal rebellion, a reflection of the vampire's eternal struggle between light and darkness. The necklace, a convergence of angelic form and vampiric mystique, becomes a symbol of the duality that resides within the nocturnal soul.

At its core, a dark red heart-shaped crystal pulsates with an otherworldly energy – a reservoir of the lifeblood that courses through the veins of the night. The deep crimson hue captures the essence of forbidden desires, mirroring the sanguine attraction of a vampire's immortal thirst.

With every beat of its dark heart, the necklace weaves a tale of ancient desires, eternal mysteries, and the intoxicating beauty that thrives in the shadowed corners of the night.

Note: In spite of its size, this art piece is surprisingly lightweight, so it is very comfortable to wear and it is also perfect to display on a wall (e.g. in a lighted shadow box) as well.


  • PREMO polymer clay (an outstanding quality polymer clay that is very strong, durable and extremely lightweight)
  • European crystals
  • Gunmetal chain
  • Love and Magick



- 130 mm wide, 190 mm tall (including the drop)


- total length: 20 inches (including the width of the pendant)


  • The brand of polymer clay used is very strong and durable: it is not fragile, like regular clay, but make sure you don't bend the piece forcefully 
  • Use a soft, damp cloth or a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean the textured surfaces. Polymer clay is waterproof and the clear coat we use is water-resistant
  • Keep it away from very high heat (it burns at 300 Fahrenheit)
  • Please note that polymer clay has a bit of flexibility to it (that is more prominent in hot weather) that is perfectly normal.

Let the black and red wings draped around your neck be a symbol of your ethereal rebellion, a manifestation of the witchy, gothic vampire within, embracing the shadows, and channeling the ancient allure of your nocturnal desires.