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The "Golden Angel Aura" is an entirely hand-sculpted, one-of-a-kind, magickal statement necklace created by artist Melinda Puhó. No molds were used, this is an original artwork.

The radiant gold and mystical, subtle purple wings extend with a graceful sweep, symbolizing protection, guidance, and a connection to higher realms. The warm hues infuse the piece with a glow that mirrors the celestial light of beings from higher realms.

At the heart of this creation rests a mesmerizing titanium aura druzy agate, the surface of which shimmers with cosmic iridescence, enhancing the piece's mystical allure.

Note: In spite of its size, this art piece is surprisingly lightweight, so it is very comfortable to wear and it is also perfect to display on a wall (e.g. in a lighted shadow box) as well.


  • PREMO polymer clay (an outstanding quality polymer clay that is very strong, durable and extremely lightweight)
  • Titanium aura druzy agate
  • MICA powders
  • European crystals
  • Antiqued brass chain
  • Love and Magick



- 115 mm wide, 75 mm tall


- total length: 23 inches (including the width of the pendant)


  • The brand of polymer clay used is very strong and durable: it is not fragile, like regular clay, but make sure you don't bend the piece forcefully 
  • Use a soft, damp cloth or a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean the textured surfaces. Polymer clay is waterproof and the clear coat we use is water-resistant
  • Keep it away from very high heat (it burns at 300 Fahrenheit)
  • Please note that polymer clay has a bit of flexibility to it (that is more prominent in hot weather) that is perfectly normal.


May the "Golden Angel Aura" necklace offer you divine protection and spiritual guidance, enveloping you in the luminous embrace of celestial guardianship and the radiant light of the Eternal Universe.