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These enchanting teardrop crystal earrings are reminiscent of crystalline tears from a galactic realm, each droplet adorned with an ethereal, iridescent sparkle. With every movement, the crystals dance, mirroring the glimmer of faraway stars.


- European crystals
- Sterling silver earwires


Crystal teardrop: 24x12 mm
Total height with earwire: 48 mm


- Do not drop the piece
- To slow the tarnishing of the sterling silver part, keep the earrings in airtight packages and store them in a cool, dry place
- Tarnish is easily removed by cleaning the sterling silver with a polishing cloth, a mild abrasive (baking soda works well) or an anti-tarnish solution

May these sparkling teardrop crystals be vessels of luminosity, reminders of your inner brilliance, guiding you through life's cosmic dance.