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Magickal, Fiery Polymer Clay Earrings with 14k Gold-Filled Earwire


Handmade, magickal, polymer clay and Swarovski crystal earrings with 14 karat gold-filled earwire.


- Polymer clay
- Swarovski crystals
- MICA powders
- 14 karat gold-filled earwire
- Magick


I carefully sculpted, shaped and formed every detail of the setting using polymer clay. I didn't use any molds. After sculpting, adding the details and MICA powders, I cured the earrings in an oven to harden. After that, I created the back layer, cured the piece again, then applied a clear coat to protect the surface of the artwork.


- Width: 20 mm
- Total height with the earwire: 50 mm


Please note that each color may slightly differ from the photos due to different monitor settings.


- Do not drop the piece. The brand of polymer clay we use is very strong: it is not brittle, not fragile, but make sure you don't bend the delicate parts forcefully. You need to be careful with the crystals, as those could break
- Keep the piece away from perfume, hairspray, deodorant, nail polish
- The 14 karat gold-filled earwire does not tarnish
- Use a soft, moist fabric / damp cloth to gently wipe the surface of the polymer clay. You may also use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean the textured surfaces.
- Keep it away from high heat
- Take off the piece when showering or swimming (polymer clay itself is waterproof, but the sealer is just water-resistant. A quick wash is not a problem though.

Enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of these fiery and magical earrings!